Be an Ultra-Make Designer

This is a challenge, because I haven’t yet set up a system that will allow you to actually  sell your designs (and mailable parts to complete).

But here’s the idea:

The world needs a place where people can log in and go shopping for kits they want to build.

Specifically each can may include:

  • Printable plastic parts.  STL files
  • Millable parts.  CNC files
  • Mailable Supplies.  Screws and small hardware
  • Mailable Components.  Electronic components
  • Assembly guides.  .PDF files

That the stuff of which an Ultra-Make kit will spring from.

The challenges?

Figuring out what people will pay for and which will use the minimum number of machine and hand processes for the best result, is one starting point.

Another is finding the vendors that will be the electronics or the small machined parts vendors (if you don’t want to kit parts for the rest of your life – that’s “robot work…”

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