Design Sources

Oh, God….this is the toughest part of a product:  Do you DESIGN ground-up, or to you USE another (existing) design to get the end result you’re after.

Gads, this is tough.  So let’s go through it:

  • If you don’t like software and you’re  not reselling then the use of an existing design is dandy.  Good etiquette to tip the designer who came up with your problem-solving print, however.  Don’t be cheap.  Designers add value!
  • IF you  may resell, then consider your own design.  OR, work out a  use agreement with the original designer.
  • IF you  definitely will resell, then try for a use-agreement, or design your own.

Where to Look for Designs

.STL Files, first.

Got your clicker ready?

What About CNC Files?

So here’s what you’re up against:  3D Printing files  may OR  may not work with your CNC router.

CNC machines are a subtractive process.  That is, they cut away material not wanted (*or used) in the design.  3D Printing (filament or resin) is an additive progress.

CNC machines generally have a lot more axes in play, too.  So when you go “Design Fishing” be sure and understand the machine requirements you have.  A high-end industrial product for a five-axis CNC may not run on a 4-axis machine, you following?

OK, with those warnings (and don’t call us if you push bits through the bottom of your build plate, OK?) here’s are a few starting points:

So these are a few to getr you going.  Remember, map out the processing (work-flow) for every file type you look at.

For example, do you know what the workflow is your your machine – your software  to process an .STL file into a 3D prionter?

OK, another work-flow map to build in your head:  How to get a .DXF file converted into something that will run on your grbl router?

Building your work-flow is just as important in “home>Mak,ing” and it is for people involved in “home>Music” who face a digital audio workstation and wonder how to get a song from point A to speakers.

In ourl context, this is “How to get a design from point A to holding it and having a good print in the end?”

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