Guest Builds

If you’ve gone a build that really taught you a lot, please consider writing up a description.  Include what you started with (objective), the design process discussion (customer requirements).  Then get into the nuts and bolts of how you picked the design.  Did you search Or did you just right to TinkerCAD?

Once you got the design nailed down, any special settings in the setups for slicing and loaded the job?  From there…any “secret sauces” needed to get the best possible print?

Throw in whatever photos along the way, as well.

We have no delusions about being a “hard core” 3D site.  Mainly, what we’re interested in is evolving the “new rule sets” that will hose anyone trying 3D if someone doesn’t point out the processes and trip-wires in advance.

Send your articles to:   Site suggestions, are also welcome, by the way…so have at it!