Machines Eat Software

Warning:   Figure out which machine process will give the best result.  Then pick the software for your design.

Suggested 3D Printer Software:

From one of our readers:

“Fusion 360 design to make software. It’s free and powerful and runs on Mac or win. It is the future of making. For a few bucks you can buy it’s generative design power and it’ll design things for you….”

Reader’s absolutely right.  Fusion360 is an AutoDesk program own the DXF world…or nearly so.  Click here to get started. Make sure when you download that you click the “Home user” until you get some money coming in, otherwise, it’ll cost you.  It’s real grown-up software, though, so plan on more time coming up to speed.

Simpler?  Well….




Then hit YouTube for introductions, training, and use case examples.

See?  This Making Stuff ain’t so complicated, now, is it?

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