Raw Material Vendors

Bet we can share some here, right?

Here’s a contribution from long-time UrbanSurvival reader Ray.  Who obviously “gets it” when comes to “Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-Purpose” along with “Re-Design” after a solid “Re-Think” of what we’re after.

“Looking over Ultra-Make prompted me to send you some links. Dunno if any will be of use to you for that site, but they were URLs I’d intended to send you, anyway — I don’t have access to the computer with most of my bookmarks, so these are just the ones I had “laying around.”

And WOW!   Here’s Ray’s dizzying list:

My Own Picks

I’ve had most of these in my bookmarks, though leave it to Ray to spot the obvxious:   Compile the Link List!

Two of the best are eBay.com and Amazon for small parts.

More than anything, what matters is how you use the resource.  Before you hit any of this sites, jot down a few points about your particular “Make.”  Is it a one-off, or are you going to make enough to share with friends?  Are you going to sell this as an Ultra-Make kit?  One where there are files and small parts?

A personal problem I have is  buying too far ahead of making.  The result will be a shop like mine, chock-a-block full of wire, insulations, boxes of filament unsorted as to color or type, and so forth.

A key mental discipline of effective Making is to ONLY ORDER WHEN YOU’RE OUT OF SUPPLIES..


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