Ultra-Make & Printable Future

Covid is real.  Climate’s in Trouble.  America Needs Jobs.  

The Answer is Distributed Manufacturing.  

Done on l0w-cost 3D printers.

CHINA IS GOING OFF-LINE!  Turn off your long supply lines.  Lower the cost of goods to consumers.  Get people designing and innovating again.


With Ultra-Make.

We’re a new business model:  We champion “emailable” products.  Things the new Maker Class of Designers and next-gen Manupreneurs can sell to customers online for local printing at the end use location.

No factory in Asia.  No environmental waste or overhead.  

Just a new class of products based on standard 3D printing and PCB routing standards, coupled with a few forward-thinking parts houses.

“Wait -email ACTUAL products?”

You bet!

New to “Making” are you?  We’re here to help.

This website is dedicated to “disrupting the Old World Order” by promoting local manufacturing.  Yes:  Desktop Manufacturing is real.

Thing is, most people don’t know about sources like Yeggi and Thingiverse.  Great sites!  But, where’s the integration?  That’s where we fit in.

The main problem?  People are not clear on the technologies of desktop manufacturing.  Maybe they have one machine.  But is “that all there is to the circus?

We’re here to up everyone’s game. 

One-print, one-machine…yeah, sure, interesting.  But can we get to the grown-up builds?  The ones with print files, g-code, instructions, and a back to components coming next day in the mail?

Empowering Designers and next-generation Online Manufacturers to offer absolute top-notch products to markets with zero lead-time.

And fewer strings to Asia.

We won’t pretend to give you rhyme and verse of G-Code which runs a lot of desktop machines.  We focus on the “High level View.”  In grad school, this would be the Management course or Business Model discussion.

Ultra-Make  is a simple series of processes to online DIY Designers and Makers can take products to market in the least expensive, most direct means possible.

Somewhere, in following these little “process maps” around, a light will go on in your head.

Hey!  You mean I can invent or design something, and then sell it online in direct competition with some mega-giant corporation somewhere?”

Exactly so! 

Because above all else, legends of management science, like Frederick Winslow Taylor, made mountains of money for people by doing “time and motion studies” or working people.

This site will help you think more like a Manager and get you looking at In-Home Manufacturing (for that’s what this subversive little website is all about!) as a manager would.

Everything in manufacturing is measurable and repeatable.

How this Site Began

The author of this site is a quirky fellow who is mainly a writer and hobbyist whose hand tool collection is pretty good. 

In his shop, there’s an area for metal-working.  9X20″ geared head lathe, small desktop manual milling machine, Fair-sized box and pan sheet metal bending brake, plus gas, wire, and stick weldets with a 1/2″ cleaomred head lathe, small des_>3D maed box a onentsX20all des_be p sawJobs.ual milTaigtop ma.  9fx a 243;oding="asyS go sd get yohines.funs wlink"y, anesto give yoitng DesigneO:nonsive, mereent"swing theserea for metal-wlso yoBcomyd PCM20&#cacan wobsmel des_furnaca 2ai Ordero cou wittoding="asySuheserea for metal-w 24od>

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