Videos: 3D Printing

There are two kinds of 3D printers (for now):

    1. 3D Printers using plastic filament
    2.  3D printers that print plastic liquid, then cure with UV light.  (Like what your dentist uses…)
    3. A coming (but not here for the home market at an affordable price point yet) technology is fused-deposition metal printing.

Building a Creality 3D Printer

Marvelous video from  3D Canada on how to build a first $200-class 3D filament printer:

One note on how to pronounce Creality.

Some people say it “Crealtee” (two sylables) as in realty with a “C” in front.

We prefer  Creality.  3 sylables.  Reality with a “C” in front.

“Filament Friday” is a National Treasure.

Yeah…if you’re going to make anything on a filament printer, gotta get there with  Filament Friday.   Here’s one of the video’s to give you the flavor of it:

Of course, that’s only ONE video out of who counts?

Main thing is to Click Here and add  Filament Fridays to your brain feeding plans.

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