Videos: CNC

CNC equipment, unlike 3D printing, is a cutting process.  3D printing is an additive process.  CNC is subtractive.

There are two main “flavors” of CNC:

  • Cutter-based CNC machines (multiple axis)
  • Laser-based CNC machines (multiple Access

CNC Videos to Watch

Our first CNC router is a Sainsmart/Genmitsu 3018.   Here’s a good build video from over on  YouTube:

This is just going to get the machine set-up.

The next problem is How do we get it to do something highly  useful?

For that,  there’s a great video on YouTube from Steve on  the  GuruBrew which runs down the process.  This will gobble up some time, but I’d recommend wading through the intro — not just5 clicking to the let’s build it part — because he lays out a lot of the common pitfalls:

Once you’ve done the Intro, time to move on to the next episode…

You can fine other GuruBrew videos and it’s a quick way to learn.

Which, seing as we don’t all have 60,000 hours to become full-on Takumi…we’ll take all the shortcuts we can find!

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