On “Making While We’re Breaking…”

“Oh shit…” you’re thinking.  400 people on a cruise ship have it, at least 80,000 thousand people worldwide have it…what will become of the world, right? Well, it’s going to change.  Bigly and fastly. The world has become dependent on long supply lines – and to our own detriment. But, before you get too depressed about it, remember that we were headed down the crapper  anyway. That’s because the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse include (presently) … Read more

A “Fax Machine of Things”

A “Fax Machine of Things?”  Who’d believe it? Yet it is easily within reach.  ISYN. I wanted to add a bit more to the Ultra-Make website about this whole e-mailing to things concept which, I have to admit, fascinates the hell out of me. In the ideal configuration,  there would be one to three online machines. Obviously, most products would have a 3D printer aspect.  And since the present printers are in the $200 range for … Read more

Business Model of the Future

This is NOT going to become a full-time job for me. In fact, this site was built purely to show my Peoplenomics.com subscribers a different take on the future that arose from my book “The 100-Year Toaster.” The book, serialized over several months, was the beginnings of a “manifesto” – wherein the most dangerous economic problem of ALL was revealed. That Problem? This (way of living on the Earth) cannot persist. Something’s going to get … Read more