Weekend Shop Tips

We may publicly post some of our occasional emails to friends and family on the Ultra-Make site because living can be complicated. So, tips to give you a let-up can be useful.  These are short and we hope useful!

Shop Tips 101

#1 (Cale’s wife is an Educator)

So, this caught our eye. Folding rolling cart with handle.

dbest products Quik Cart Collapsible Rolling Crate on Wheels for Teachers Tote Basket 80 lbs Capacity, Made from Heavy Duty Plastic and Used as a Seat, Canary


We got one on a lightning deal on the Zon for $41 but liked it so much we picked another one up today for $51.

#2 Better eBay use:

Try https://automatedsearches.com

Useful automatic eBay search tool website that I use to track new eBay searches which I have sniping for Hallicrafters gear for my collection.

Free, to 500 searches per day it will search eBay every 15 minutes and send you keyword search results. Which means you may be able to snag Hallicrafters (or whatever – Heathkit?) on Buit It Now (BIN) before the whole world sees it.

Free for every 15-min. And $30-month for every one minute on searches…

Bonus:  Set up folder and point an email rule to forward these searches to one folder. With 96 emails a day (per search, one each 15-min) uses up some space and you’ll want to dump often.

#3 Secure that Washer Hose

Prevent washer flooding house.  Installation tip from last washer install (new washer is coming today).  Get an 8”to 10” zip tie.  Run it around your washer drainpipe and then around your closest water supply feed.  Idea is that if the drain hose ever comes out, the Zip Tie will keep it from falling down far enough to empty water onto the floor of your house – preventing a disaster.

We hope!  (No guarantees, but the washer will flow like the Mississippi if the hose drops below tub level.) Learned about this in 2015 when pro’s put in the last washer.

If the hose isn’t close, put a hook on the wall by the drain hose. Zip tie to that.

#4 Exercise hot water valves, too

While you’re at the washer, shut the hot water off all the way and turn it back on once a year.  We haven’t been doing this and it was almost impossible to do without a wrench because the calcium and magnesium in the water scales on the inside of the valve, making the hot water a real bitch to turn off in a hurry!

Clean up after,